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Set your own goals

Whether the effort of a test migration pays off depends on a number of factors, such as the type or complexity of the system being migrated or the number of users that will be affected by the upcoming maintenance. In order to save unnecessary work, to estimate the effort correctly and to be able to create a realistic schedule, companies are well advised to analyze such factors and to set individual goals. In general, you will want to make sure at a hoster change that, for example, no data lost or inconsistencies arise that the search engine optimization does not suffer, that no new bugs appear, all pages are correctly linked or that the move is completely transparent to the end user expires.

Move homepage

If you have carefully planned the whole process and created step-by-step instructions, moving a standard corporate website will not be complicated. A pending website move is always an incision, and is the best time to bring in important updates or finally implement “nice-to-have” features that have been postponed time and time again. Also useful can be improvements and optimization work in areas such as SEO, usability, content management or responsive design. Therefore, it is advisable to take a close look at the website to start the migration and to examine its potential for optimization.

In order to then migrate the page, then a complete backup of all software components is on the plan. When using a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla, this includes the protection of all folders and files of the backend and frontend system as well as a complete database backup. To prepare to move to the new server, it is necessary to set up the web space and the database system at the new provider. Before using these services, you should check that the software environment of the new web server, such as database technology, supported programming languages ​​or server management, is compatible with the one previously used.

Efficient data migration with movers and MySQL dumpers

Folders and files from the old server to the new one can be easily transferred via FTP or SSH. But there are also some modern cloud services that can provide valuable services. These include, for example, movers from Canada. Instead of downloading the files from the old server to the local computer, and then copying them to the new server via FTP, the program automatically completes the data transfer after entering the access data of both FTP servers. So you do not have to wait for hours until the file upload is finally done and you can even turn off your computer while migrating the files in the cloud from A to B.

As for creating a database backup, most database clients, such as the popular PHPMyAdmin for MySQL, provide tools that can do a full dump of a database. In addition, the open-source MySQLDumper is also  a useful tool that has proven successful in practice.

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