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how the agency and partner area works

Once created, you get your own access to the partner portal of gridscale. In this portal you can control all administrative processes centrally. With one click you create or manage your customers and projects. Cost centers allow individual assignment to projects, customers or departments. In integrated reporting, all costs are clearly broken down.

You decide who gets which access rights. For example, selected customers can log in directly to the GUI, a modern drag-and-drop interface for easy management of IT infrastructures, and configure their own.

Numerous functions of gridscale, such as load balancing, S3-compatible cloud object storages, snapshots, automations or access to the RESTful API can easily be activated or deactivated. This way, each individual project can be configured exactly for the respective requirement.

Flexibly set your prices

Just as flexible as you configure individual functions, you define a separate pricing model for each customer if required. This allows customers who take over the administration of their infrastructure to profit, for example, from lower prices.

Each control element of the interface uses the stored conditions. For example, in the dialog for new servers, the currently selected configuration is calculated and displayed using the stored price model. Since customer reporting is based on these conditions, the highest possible cost transparency is guaranteed for all parties at all times.

Provide central IT services for individual customers

Within your partner area, you can connect several projects via private networks (cross-location) with the so-called private MPLS couplings. This coupling allows you, for example, to operate your own IT services from a central location that you want to make available to several customers. Popular examples are Elasticsearch, a central backup service, or firewall and monitoring systems. Thanks to the Software Defined Network (SDN) within your partner account, there are no limits and you can offer each customer individual solutions. Despite this flexibility, it ensures that all projects are clean and secure. Each project is stored in its own area, with no shared resources and guaranteed performance.

The offer of gridscale includes access to the agency and partner area without a contractual obligation. Infrastructure resources that you use for your projects are billed to the minute. In addition, you always have direct contact with the experts at gridscale, who will provide you with recommendations and best practices.

Test agency offer

You can test the agency offer directly via the website of gridscale. With login you get access to capacities of up to 2 TB SSD memory, 64 CPU cores and 128 GB RAM. If these resources are not enough for your projects, gridscale will increase these limits at any time.

The agency offer of gridscale sounds interesting?

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