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Gridscale: Become a flexible and transparent hosting partner as a web agency

The Cologne IaaS and PaaS provider gridscale offers agencies and system houses an offer to manage both simple and complex IT infrastructure projects in one central location. 

The agency as a link

An agency is the link between the customer, numerous internal specialists and external service providers. A web and media agency is often involved by their clients when important skills in creating web applications and websites are missing. That these skills can be missing is understandable. Anyone who takes a look at agency life will find out how many experts from different disciplines are involved in a project. From designers, UX experts and web developers, to brand and communications experts.

But with the numerous specialists, a web project is often not yet implemented. Agencies rely on external experts for this. For many agencies, a cloud and hosting provider is an integral part of this. But most of the time, the hosting solutions used are not flexible enough to adapt to changing needs in the course of a project. But at the latest when the agency is to take over the later operation, the infrastructure used reaches its limits. The result: high migration costs, technical compromises, a jumble of contracts, no administration of access rights and difficult assignment of costs to customers. Like her with gridscale Get a handle on your contract and administration clutter and run your IT infrastructure completely free from contract delays, you read in this article.

If it depends on the customers, each agency would have to operate its own cloud infrastructure

Anyone who, as an expert in the agency environment, does not immediately have the perfect solution for all infrastructure requirements, is by no means alone. Often falls – for lack of alternatives – the decision on a conventional end customer solution. With partly unwanted consequences.

Henrik von gridscale explains: “In recent years, we have accompanied many agency projects as infrastructure service providers. From the talks, we know that agencies often face similar challenges. The hosting solutions used are intransparent and inflexible. Last but not least, there will be an immense effort to manage dozens of projects, contracts and access data. “

This experience has motivated the gridscale team to create a specific solution that makes it easy to manage and develop hosting and infrastructure projects. This solution, which has been specially developed for agencies and system houses, offers you a reseller-compatible version of the public cloud offerings from gridscale. So you either become a cloud provider yourself or just bring a bit more order to your projects.

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