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Reseller Hosting: All major providers in comparison

Reseller packages from webhosters give you the opportunity to offer your customers their own webhosting packages. Here are nine reseller hosters.

The most popular reseller hoster

With reseller packages or programs, web hosts provide their infrastructure to offer web hosting themselves. This might not only be interesting if you want to get fully involved in the web hosting business, but if you might want to offer the customer “one-stop shop” – besides hosting the website also hosting. The latter scenario, however, may entail a considerable additional time expenditure.

For this review, we rely on the results of a community survey. Only those providers who explicitly list reseller packages or a reseller program on their website will be listed. If not mentioned separately, the server location is Germany and the contract period is one month.


Hostnet is the winner of our community survey and offers its reseller packages under the heading “Agency Server”. The cheapest package is available for 29.99 euros per month. The more expensive package will provide more memory, vCPUs and RAM, otherwise all features are included in all packages. The smallest package offers you 200 gigabyte SSD disk for files and emails, six vCPUs and four gigabytes of RAM. You can host an unlimited number of domains and receive free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt – for resellers Hostnet offers individual domain prices upon request.

Apache is used as the web server by default, but Nginx can be installed if necessary – HTTP / 2 is active and you can use a Varnish cache, there are PHP 7 and MySQL 5.6. FTPs, SSH and SFTP are available, as well as e-mail servers. Five system snapshots are included, and you have root access due to the mix of managed and root servers (with limitations such as lack of access to the kernel et cetera).

The Auto-Installer allows you to easily install over 300 applications and perform updates, backups and restores. Existing applications can also be integrated into the auto-installer.

Offers a mix of managed and root servers so you can switch to Nginx for example.SSD hard drive.Guaranteed hardware.”Auto-Installer” brings the possibility to install, backup and restore software.Free SSL Certificates.Unlimited number of domains, databases and e-mail accounts.On request reduced domain prices.


At All-Incl *  the prices of the reseller packages are exclusive of VAT. The cheapest package costs 20 euros per month, with all a setup fee of 20 euros added. This includes 200 gigabytes of storage for web space, emails and databases, 250 gigabytes of traffic and 25 accounts for customers. You can unlock 100 domains and use 500 subdomains – the domain prices for resellers are discounted. SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt are supported.

The hoster allows the creation of 500 e-mail accounts and redirects. With the server you can connect via SSH or create FTP users (FTP over SSL / TLS). The package offers ten MySQL databases, a software installer allows software to be installed in one click – HTTP / 2 can be activated via a support request. By default, there are FTP and MySQL backups, with FTP data backed up approximately every 14 days and two backups kept. The databases have a backup of the previous day, one five to eight days and one nine to twelve days old.

In addition to these reseller packages, a reseller contract can also be combined with All-Inkl’s server packages. The customer administration system is neutral.

Discounted domains for resellers.Free SSL Certificates.The standard reseller packages do not have guaranteed hardware (CPU, RAM). However, the server packages can also be linked to a reseller contract.


The offers of Mittwald *  are exclusive of VAT and are only aimed at traders. For resellers, the hosting company offers vServer and server packages. The cheapest vServer package costs 29.99 euros per month at one-year term (39.99 euros per month for a month term) and holds 150 gigabytes of SSD storage for all accumulating data, four CPU cores and six gigabytes of RAM ready for you. You get a domain included and can add as many additional domains and subdomains as you like.

Equally unlimited is the number of e-mail addresses. For the connection to the server there is an SSH access, it can create 50 databases, create 20 recovery points and use any number of cronjobs. SSL certificates must be purchased in the cheapest package, the larger ones include an “SSL Starter” certificate. The daily backup is kept for 14 days.

Mittwald also offers a so-called agency toolbox with which, for example, own hosting tariffs can be created or the customer center can be adapted to its own design. For ten customers, basic functionality is already integrated into the MCC by default, such as a version manager and a recovery manager. There are also two fee-based packages with the other functions.

SSD hard drive.Guaranteed hardware.Unlimited number of e-mail addresses.On request ” agency domain prices “.


Domainfactory *  offers shared and dedicated reseller packages. The cheapest shared package costs 19.99 euros per month with a set-up fee of 9.99 euros. But you get 25 gigabytes of web space and 25 gigabytes of e-mail storage for 25 customers and 250 gigabytes of traffic. You can create any number of mailboxes and use an inclusive SSL certificate. For many domain extensions you will receive a reseller discount – connecting external domains to the hosting is charged. The end customer menu can be adapted to the design.

You can create 50 SFTP and 25 SSH accounts, set up any number of e-mail accounts, and enable SSL encryption through a proxy. Daily backups are kept for three days.

SSD hard drive.Unlimited number of e-mail addresses.Discounted prices for add-ons and domains.Possibility to customize end customer menus by design.Switching on external domains costs extra.

Host Europe

At Host Europe *  there are no fixed reseller packages. You can use the virtual or root server packages and, if necessary, participate in the reseller affiliate program * . The cheapest vServer costs 9.99 euros per month. But you get 100 gigabyte SSD disk, two vCores, two gigabytes of RAM and for short-term peak load dynamically up to four gigabytes of RAM. As operating systems you can use Debian without Plesk, Ubuntu with or without Plesk, CentOS with or without Plesk or Windows Server 2012.

Access to the Linux servers works via SSH. You can manage five or ten domains with Plesk – and the domain reseller program gives you the ability to get them cheaper if you manage a certain number of domains. SSL certificates you have to buy extra. The surfaces can be used according to reseller page with its own logo. The daily backups are kept for ten days. The server location for the virtual and dedicated servers is France.

SSD hard drive.No managed servers.


At Dogado *  all packages can be used for reselling. Depending on how many freedoms you want, it would probably make sense to choose a managed server (custom offer) or a cloud server instead of one of the normal webhosting packages, for which Plesk is offered as a management interface. The cheapest cloud server with Plesk costs 12.99 euros per month with 60 gigabytes of SSD, two gigabytes of RAM and a CPU vCore. The resources can be adjusted at any time.

You can use CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora or Windows Server 2016 as operating systems, for 10 days retention area the data backup is included. The cloud servers can be tested for 30 days for free.

SSD hard drive.Can be tested for 30 days for free.


The offer of Internetx is directed explicitly to entrepreneurs, the prices are exclusive of VAT. The cheapest package of reseller cloud costs 299 euros per month with a set up fee of 199 euros. This applies to a contract period of 36 months – for a term of 24 months, the monthly price increases by 100 euros. But you get 64 gigabytes of RAM, 32 vCPU and 1,000 gigabyte SSD / HDD disk. For administration, Plesk and Live Config are supported.

The administration interface of Internetx can also be made available to customers, whereby the use of its own logo is possible – the rest of the interface adapts to the appearance of the logo. Backups can be created for all or specific instances.

SSD hard drive.Resources of an instance can be changed.High starting price.


Alfahosting *  offers the cheapest package for € 9.99 per month for a period of 24 months. At the shortest term of four months, it costs 14.99 euros. The package contains 50 gigabytes of SSD hard drive, 500 gigabytes of email storage for up to 2,000 mailboxes, 100 MySQL databases and PHP 7 – the memory_limit is 100 megabytes.

You can create 100 domains and save by using the Domainrobots when buying a domain. SSL certificates can be integrated, which is why Let’s Encrypt, for example, is also possible. In the cheapest package there is no possibility to transfer encrypted data to the webspace. Confixx is used to manage customers and their services.

SSD hard drive.SSL certificates can be integrated by yourself, which also makes Let’s Encrypt possible.No secure connection to the server in the cheapest package.memory_limit with 100 megabytes in the cheapest package rather low – more will be available in the next but one package.


The Myloc * reseller program includes all the products under “Server Hosting” – there are different reseller levels, with the smallest beginning at five servers and 500 euros in revenue per month.

The cheapest vServer costs € 9.99 per month and offers two vCores, four gigabytes of RAM and 200 gigabytes of storage with SSD caching. You can choose between the operating systems Windows 2008/2012, Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE or CentOS. The administration uses Plesk Onyx. For backups, automated backup plans can be created in addition to normal manual executions. Managed servers start at 69.99 euros per month.

SSD caching.Depending on the reseller level, there are discounts on products such as servers, domains and SSL certificates.

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