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Plusserver has set itself up especially for individual hosting requirements

The company is part of the private equity firm BC Partners and is a former Host Europe subsidiary. If you are looking for custom cloud hosting, you can get advice from Plusserver. Especially in the e-commerce sector, for which scaling is important, for example in the Christmas business, Plusserver can boast many well-known customers such as Zalando, Rewe and Douglas. But traditional brands such as Deutsche Bahn, Bayer or Pelikan are also customers. The cloud portfolio includes public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud. This should cover many scenarios, including the support of Microsoft Azure Plusserver offers. Server location is Cologne.


The Berlin-based provider Profitbricks also provides Infrastructure as a Service. The company’s data centers are positioned in Germany and comply with German data protection law. The company uses its own virtualization solution for its cloud hosting offering and, like many others, also provides an API for easier administration.


The American company Rackspacae , based in Texas, is one of the largest hosting providers in the world. In addition to dedicated servers, the provider also provides cloud solutions. The offer covers different Cloud scenarios, above all individual requirements wants to fulfill the offerer. Rackspace hosts well-known names like Github, Vodafone and Mazda. In addition to servers in the US and UK, there is also a location in Frankfurt.


Leipzig-based Root360 works closely with Amazon Web Services, advising clients on infrastructure issues, and overseeing their AWS hosting. The multi-server and cloud clusters therefore rely on the scalability and security of Amazon. Companies looking for managed AWS hosting should take a look at the Root360 offering. The company specializes in applications based on PHP and Node.js such as TYPO3, Magento or Shopware. Customers include, for example, Steigenberger, Sixt or the DHDL Startup Sugar Shape.

Server Cloud

With the server cloud Strato offers a public cloud solution. The consumed resources CPU, work and hard disk space are billed to the hour. One euro cent equals 100 gigabytes of disk space per hour, one virtual CPU per hour, or one gigabyte of memory per hour.

Telekom Cloud

Deutsche Telekom is also represented in the cloud hosting market. (Screenshot: Deutsche Telekom)

Telekom also offers Telekom Cloud * a service with , through which companies can book IaaS and PaaS. Not to be confused is the service with the magenta cloud. It is a pure cloud offer for private users. The Telekom Cloud in turn is aimed at companies who want to book services and virtual servers from the cloud.

Find the right cloud hosting provider

The cloud hosting offerings vary greatly, so a direct comparison is rather difficult. Since the decision for a provider depends very much on the requirements of the hosted web projects, you should check before every contract and every adjustment of a hosting instance, if the provider and offer are optimal for their own interests. In addition, most cloud hosters offer test periods within which the cloud services can be tested for free.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of service providers and support services. These are usually precisely regulated in Service Level Agreements (SLA) of the companies. As with all hosting services, it is also important in cloud hosting that the hoster can help as much as possible around the clock. Personal contacts are usually helpful when there are problems with configuring cloud hosting.

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