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Google Cloud Platform

Google also offers PaaS and IaaS in the cloud with its Google Cloud Computing platform . The offer is the same as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Within the Platform, there are several services to host cloud applications or operate virtual servers. Best known services include Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Cloud Datastore, BigQuery and Genomics. Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Bigtable, Container Engine, Cloud Dataproc and Container Registry are also available on the platform. Companies can therefore book additional services at any time, if necessary.

1 & 1 cloud server

1 & 1 Cloud Server * is available in different versions starting from 9,99 Euro per month. 1 & 1 offers the possibility to select the data center in which the servers are to be hosted. The servers of German customers are usually positioned in data centers in Germany. The servers and their resources can be adapted at any time, even during operation.


Adacor from Offenbach am Main specializes in the realization of Managend hosting projects. Managed, Private and Hybrid Cloud are offered. In addition, customers can use services such as monitoring, backup management and a managed firewall. Adacor relies on different data centers in Frankfurt am Main.

Ccloud from Centron

The number of CPU cores, the CPU priority and the amount of RAM can be freely selected and changed for each instance in the Centron Ccloud . Hard drives include standard and fast Fast Data Store solutions.


The Infrastructure as a Service provider has its headquarters in Zurich. The focus of Cloudsigma are small companies, but also the middle class. The company wants to score particularly well with the rapid provision of the cloud infrastructure and offers a practical API for administration. In addition to Europe, there are server locations in the USA and the Asia-Pacific region.

Digital Ocean

A well-known name among cloud hosting providers is also Digital Ocean . The American company has distributed data centers worldwide – which are also available in Germany. As a target group, Digital Ocean primarily has developers who want to deploy their applications in an uncomplicated manner. The clear price list ensures transparency in costs.


Dogado * offers cloud servers, which can also be managed by the Dogado team upon request. The cloud servers can be flexibly adapted, the offers can be customized. So it makes sense to ask for a package and get the exact price. The basic charges for cloud servers are between 5.90 euros and 54.90 euros per month. The billing is on a minute basis, the data center is in Dusseldorf.

Grid Scale

The German company Gridscale offers a variety of solutions that are characterized by quick and easy setup. In addition, Gridscale wants to make it possible to quickly network even more complex infrastructures. In addition to developers, the target group includes DevOps, startups, agencies and small and medium-sized enterprises. The servers are in Germany.

Host Europe

Host Europe also offers Rootserver Cloud *cloud hosting with . The provider distinguishes between real server instances in the cloud and dedicated cloud servers, which are also operated in the cloud. In addition, Host Europe still offers “Dedicated Virtual Cloud Root Servers”. The servers are connected to the cloud and allow the installation of virtual servers within the “Virtual Cloud Root Server”.


From Bremen, Hostnet is involved in the cloud hosting market. The provider allows a wide-ranging configuration and highly scalable managed servers, including cloud technology. The so-called Hosting Scenes are to simplify the entrance particularly. The resources are freely configurable, with the Scenes can then bring appropriate software configurations to the server. The servers of Hostnet are also in Germany.

IBM softlayer

When it comes to a flexible, scalable and powerful cloud environment, larger companies in particular are hardly around IBM. It pays to  include softlayer in the comparison. Under the name of the 2013 company bought by IBM companies can build their cloud infrastructure, in addition to international data centers, there is now one in Frankfurt am Main. In addition to standardized virtual and private cloud servers, so-called bare-metal servers are offered, where the performance is freely configurable.

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