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EZ Platform Cloud: Popular CMS now without hosting worries

The content management system EZ Platform is now also available as a cloud variant – which puts all hosting tasks into the background.

The software company EZ Systems has now introduced its new CMS version for the DACH area with the EZ Platform Cloud. It runs as Platform as a Service. This was created in cooperation with the cloud provider Platform.sh. Users should therefore no longer have to worry about the infrastructure.

The EZ Platform Cloud is designed to be a complete solution for companies looking to deploy their content-based Web sites and applications in the cloud. Through the deploy process attached to it, the development workflow is to be accelerated.

EZ Platform Cloud: Users get features from Platform.sh

By working with Platform.sh , users of the EZ Platform Cloud get the features of the PaaS provider. Server locations include most Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure regions in Germany, France, the US, and Canada. The infrastructure has a redundant structure and is monitored 365 days a year.

The Platform.sh deployment workflow relies on the Git versioning system. Different environments for development and testing, for example, can be mapped with different branches. Also on board: Support for Node.js and Composer. As a CDN for files Cloudfront is used. For caching Varnish is used.

The company behind the CMS EZ Platform, EZ Systems, has put its software under the open source license GPL. However, companies also have the option to receive commercial support and the option to use the system under a proprietary license. Companies do not have to re-publish changes under an open-source license, as provided for in the GPL.

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