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Shop hosting: This is how online retailers find the right solution

Modern online shops can now easily set up and operate. But installing the software solutions on your own webspace is not for everyone – and not always possible. Luckily, there are many special shop hosting offers. An overview.

Online shopping is booming. In 2012, every second German bought at least once on the Internet. With the right range of goods and a professional website, an online store can quickly become a lucrative business. Technical basis is always the shop hosting, for which there are many possibilities.

Practically every hosting offer can be used for shop hosting, as long as it meets the technical requirements of the shop system. Highly frequented, very large shops often rely on dedicated servers, individually or in combination. Installation and operation of the shop software are in the hands of the shop operator, as well as the server administration.

Server housing goes one step further: The proprietary server hardware is expertly operated in the computer center of a host. Giants like Amazon or eBay even have their own data centers. This is not a problem for e-commerce companies with their own team of experts. But what solutions are available for small and medium-sized online shops?

From the kit to shop hosting

If you start an online shop with just a few articles and want to expand it step by step, you can start with a modular solution, as many well-known hosters offer (compare t3n, no. 31). The customer receives an easy-to-use, preconfigured shop solution that, however, can only be customized to a limited extent. Although various design templates are ready to give the shop a more or less special look. Nevertheless, many modular shops are similar. And also functionally one is strongly bound to the defaults of the hoster.

Hosted e-commerce solutions, on the other hand, offer every possible freedom in design and technical terms. The talk is of popular standard systems such as Gambio, Magento, OpenCart, osCommerce, OXID eShop, PrestaShop, Shopware and xt: Commerce – the comparison table shows them at a glance. Other standard systems can be found in the column “other systems”. This includes a few descendants of xt: Commerce.

The comparison table

The comparison table shows which hoster offers solutions for which shop systems and with which technology the different shop systems can be operated. The hosting technology significantly determines the performance of the overall system. Hostking offers, for example, the shop systems Magento, osCommerce, OXID eShop and xt: Commerce as part of hosting packages, whereby one can choose between shared hosting and managed servers. In contrast , rackSPEED has Magento and PrestaShop in its portfolio in combination with a shared or cloud hosting service. By “1-click installer” can then easily install the shop.

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