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Google Cloud Platform

Google also offers PaaS and IaaS in the cloud with its Google Cloud Computing platform . The offer is the same as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Within the Platform, there are several services to host cloud applications or operate virtual servers. Best known services include Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Cloud Datastore, BigQuery and Genomics. Cloud Dataflow, Cloud […]

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Market Overview Cloud Hosting: The most important providers at a glance

Cloud hosters ensure that there is enough server capacity – but not too much. This saves unnecessary hosting costs. But the cloud hosting market is big – we give an overview. Whether shared hosting, virtual or dedicated server: conventional web hosting is a predictable thing. At least as far as costs are concerned: the customer chooses a service […]

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Gridscale: Become a flexible and transparent hosting partner as a web agency

The Cologne IaaS and PaaS provider gridscale offers agencies and system houses an offer to manage both simple and complex IT infrastructure projects in one central location.  The agency as a link An agency is the link between the customer, numerous internal specialists and external service providers. A web and media agency is often involved by […]

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