5 best colors for the balcony

We have collected beautiful plants that will not require much care and will bloom all summer.

Bright, pleasing to the eye flowers are good not only outside the city: they are beautiful on the city balcony. Easily and simply they will help turn it into a blooming oasis. Among the huge variety, we have chosen five species that have proven themselves as plants for the balcony. They will feel great in balcony boxes, in pots, on suspensions — in any compositions on the balcony.

They need a little: to make drainage in the lower part of the balcony box (pot), to water, but not to fill. If you feed a couple of times over the summer with fertilizer for flowers — fine: they will delight you with a generous flowering.

1. Petunia

No wonder these flowers are widely used for landscaping streets: they bloom in a lush «ball», and a variety of shades from white and pale pink to blue and purple allows you to create a variety of mood compositions. There are also magnificent striped varieties, and with a contrasting border, and with delicate veins of a darker color — the choice is huge. In order for the petunia to continue to bloom luxuriantly, it is only necessary to remove the faded shoots.

5 лучших цветов для балкона

Photo: Instagram @panamseedrussia

2. Nasturtium

Nasturtium is number two in our rating. Put a support on the balcony or pull a string, and nasturtium will wrap them. Flowering nasturtium can cover part of the wall on the loggia or create a «fence» of the side of the balcony. Round leaves and flowers of intricate shape will look good both in balcony boxes and in hanging ones. In general, nasturtium can be decorated with a message balcony: a variety of varieties allows it. Although there are not as many of them as petunias, however, there is a choice — from flaming scarlet and orange to gently creamy.

5 лучших цветов для балкона

Photo: Instagram @The_dacha_project

3. Pelargonium

Pelargonium, or geranium, is one of the favorite plants of many. Magnificent caps of flowers of various shades and a characteristic sweet smell — that’s what attracts her. Geranium essential oil, according to experts, invigorates and improves mood. For the winter, pelargonium can be brought into the house, it will overwinter in warmth and next year it will again delight with flowering.

5 лучших цветов для балкона

Photo: Instagram @shelomentseva.olga

4. Begonia

Begonia has a lot of varieties, there are both with simple flowers (we see them in urban flower beds), and with double ones, similar to a rose. Begonias and leaves are good — with teeth, with contrasting patterns. This plant can also be attributed to wintering in the house.

5 лучших цветов для балкона

Photo: Irina Grotkjaer on Unsplush

5. Purslane

A magnificent plant for sunny balconies: a scattering of bright multicolored flowers. By type, it is a succulent with fleshy leaves. Likes poor soils (it does not need to be fertilized). But it is necessary to water, although he tolerates drought well. Resistant to temperature changes, night frosts. It will delight with a long flowering.

5 лучших цветов для балкона

Photo: Instagram @alla.glagoleva

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