One hundred percent men’s apartment: apartments in Brazil

Architect Diego Revollo created an interior with a distinctive gender accent for his client.

This apartment has an area of more than 300 sq. m. m has been used by the customer as temporary housing for a long time. He was here infrequently and on trips. When I decided to settle down, the interior needed to be completely redone. It belonged to the early 2000s and is already obsolete. Besides, it’s one thing to live in such an environment once or twice a month, and quite another — constantly.

Стопроцентно мужская квартира: апартаменты в Бразилии

General view of the main block of premises.

The project was commissioned by the Brazilian architect Diego Revollo. The customer was already familiar with his work and was attracted by Diego’s ability to create an elegant interior reflecting the tastes and lifestyle of the client. The latter was the main point of the customer’s wishes. During the design process, it became clear that the project acquires an obvious «male face». Brutality, however, is not aggressive here, but polished, with notes of vintage and aesthetics.

Стопроцентно мужская квартира: апартаменты в Бразилии

The main character of this interior is a vintage Brunswick billiards. The lamp is a Peggy Futura model created by Studio Gustavo Di Menno for the Dimlux brand. The ceilings of the public area are covered with burnt cement for greater brutality.

The main thing that the architect changed in the already existing interior was the texture row. Revollo created a «mudboard» of materials from scratch, focusing on embossed matte textures. So, the floors in the living room-billiard-dining room were laid with slabs of Crema Marfil marble. After grinding it into a crumb, and then compressing it again. This was necessary so that the surface seemed soft, smooth, as if it were suede, not stone. On the contrary, they decided to make the ceilings brutal by covering the old plaster with burnt cement chips.

Стопроцентно мужская квартира: апартаменты в Бразилии

The bar area behind the billiard table: a console in the spirit of the retro St. James brand and the work of the modern Brazilian artist Jose Bechara. The dining table in the dining room made of wood under black lacquer and polished metal is made according to the sketches of Diego Revollo Design.

The center of the main block of rooms was a spectacular billiard table. On one side of it there is a sofa group, on the other — a fireplace area. The walls of the latter are decorated with mirror inserts, which reflect the entire room, which becomes a separate element of the decor, because the picture is perceived as an artistic panel.

Стопроцентно мужская квартира: апартаменты в Бразилии

The view from the billiard room to the fireplace area. The panel around and above the fireplace is made of polished ebony. Furniture — Brazilian brands. The vase on the pedestal is from the Brazilian gallery Loja Téo.

From the fireplace area you can go to the dining room. But the bedroom is hidden from view in an isolated room. Luxury billiards is Revollo’s find. The customer dreamed of a billiard table, but wanted it to be something special. And the architect managed to find the perfect copy. This is a vintage model bought from an American collector and carefully restored. It is called Centennial Pool, the original dates back to the Art Deco era, and this reissue is from 1946, timed to the 100th anniversary of the manufacturer, the legendary Brunswick company.

Стопроцентно мужская квартира: апартаменты в Бразилии

A fragment of a billiard table, a vintage model of the late 1940s, referring to the aesthetics of Art Deco.

The furnishings were partly bought (there is also a local vintage like Brazilian modernism by Sergio Rodriguez), partly made to order according to the architect’s sketches. He also helped with the equipment of art objects. In particular, he found meditative abstractions by the contemporary artist Sergio Lucena decorating the dining room. This is the brightest «spot» in the apartment.

Стопроцентно мужская квартира: апартаменты в Бразилии

General view of the dining room. On the wall to the right is the work Small Poem by the contemporary Brazilian artist Sergio Lucena, presented at Galeria Simões de Assis.

The architect says that the interior breathes masculinity. Everything here: from the filling, like billiards, to a deaf but elegant range and a selection of furniture and accessories speaks about the gender of the project. The tone is certainly sustained!

Стопроцентно мужская квартира: апартаменты в Бразилии

A fragment of the bedroom. The headboard behind the bed is covered with Celina Dias graphic wallpaper. Decorative work made of copper threads (on the bedside table) — from Eduardo Fernandes Gallery in Sao Paulo.

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